Gravity, not the Oscar winner.

Gravity is an app that turns your screen off when you don’t need it, but it doesn’t use a timer to do that. It uses sensors to see whether your phone is upside down, in your pocket, covered… When the screen turns off and how sensitive the sensors are can be configured in the app’s settings.

Somehow I’m puzzled by how it would benefit your battery life if the app is continuously checking the position of the phone..

The app can be found here.

Installing it as we speak, will update later on battery life.

Flappy bird robot!

2 asian guys were apparently so frustrated that they just build a robot to play flappy bird for them. They made it out of a webcam to see the screen and the actuator arm from a hard drive to ‘tap’.

A program is running on the computer using openCV to see where the bird and the pipes are, then the actuator is controlled from an arduino connected to the computer. For some reason they died after 150 pipes though. So apparently it still needs some work.



Coding in color

“Rather than highlighting the differences between currentIndex and the keyword function, we could highlight the difference between currentIndex and randomIndex. “

Link to original blogpost

It’s an interesting idea, highlighting the variables rather than the keywords. The idea is that all the variables have different colors so that it’s easier to keep track of them through your code.

This might turn out to be a rainbow of colors through your code though. Another idea could be to color them according to data-type. Strings and integer variable names having the same color, it could be a different implementation of the hungarian notation.


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